July 21, 2016


4 Youth Centers

Periodic youth meetings conducted on developing their personality traits To give them personal counselling on career and relationship. Identify their needs on present trends.

4 Special Schools

Meant for:
• Small mentally challenged children
• Play activity method conducted
• One to one attention practiced

4 Children's Homes

• Facilitate a good physical care
• Provide educational care
• Due attention to medical care
• Shaping up their manners and behaviours

3 Vocational Training Institutes

Concern to the young adults of the mentally challenged
• Work therapy followed
• On the job training given
• Eco-friendly products produced

4 free evening Tuition Centres

After the school hours at remote villages
• Basic Education given
• Stress on personal health and hygiene
• Solomon’s proverbs taught.

4 Help Groups

Meant for community development among young people
• Tailoring,
• Basic computer course
• Simple handicrafts

2 social Development centres

social Development centres through :
• Community counselling cells
• Hope projects
• Local income generation

Village Outreach

• Helping the needy
• Reaching the unreached
• Guiding the frustrated