July 21, 2016


You can Sponser a SPECIAL CHILD

It is the regular practice of our Gerizim Trust to look to God for the sustaining Mercies needed to look after the children with the special needs under our care.

There is no regular / assured supports to sponsor these fragile ones - some children are sponsored, while most of them look to God for their existence till date.

The child care ratio is around 1 : 3 ( one care-giver for nearly 3 children ) - most of the children are affected by Epilepsy ( Fitz) and thrice a day medicated to prevent from the seizures, which costs us a lot of money every month..
Besides the above, nearly 90% of the beneficiaries are total orphans referred to us by the Dept. of Social Welfare / Police Dept / Revenue Section (as they were street-picked, neglected, and thrown-away). Their stay with Gerizim is life-long.

These mentally challenged children do not have proper bowl control & hence they wet their clothes very frequently. Due to this weakness, they are prone to be infected easily / quickly. Therefore, they are required to be kept clean always. Here again, a considerable amount of money is spent on using cleaning materials.

The medical doctors attend / treat them have advised us provide high protein stuff because of their feeble bone / marrow structure, which ultimately escalates the expenses. Although the care is difficult & burdensome, it is promising & glorious. Only dedicated / committed staff & people with passion can only attend to them selflessly.
Helping these under-privileged is equivalent to serving God doubtlessly. It is not our desire / intention to bother anyone by sharing like this. THEY ARE PRECIOUS ONES & THEIR HEAVENLY FATHER IS MINDFUL OF THEM

Modes of Support :
You may consider
• Individual sponsorship
• Individual Regular sponsorship
• One time – money gift
• Gift in kinds (groceries, monthly provision, clothes, medicines, toiletries, learning materials etc)
• Periodic Outings and Picnics
• Hosting meals (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

If you are interested to lend your hands for this noble task, you may contact us or  Click Here